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Plum Sp. z o. o.

Integrated Management System

Plum is one of the few Polish industrial electronics manufacturers that possess the Integrated Management System accreditation of quality, work safety and environmental protection. This has been one essential element of our business strategy – a goal to fulfill the needs of our clients, as well as showing a concern for health and the environment. With regards to this, Plum products are manufactured and supervised under ideal conditions, from design and production to sales and service.

Fundamental requirements of the IMS at PLUM:

  • Company management is heavily committed to drawing out and coordinating company objectives
  • Company employees are aware of the Integrated Management System policies, which through them, these policies are actively realized
  • Every process within the company is managed in such as way as to obtain optimal quality and effectiveness
  • All elements of the Integrated Management System influence the improvement of all areas within PLUM

Priority Functions at PLUM:

  • The fundamentals of all organizational undertakings at PLUM are valued as high as safety, quality and innovation
  • Facing concerns from potential clients and finding solutions specific to their needs
  • Assuring correct and efficient functioning of all processes within PLUM
  • Improve business functions which have an influence on quality and safety of products, environment, work conditions as well as quality of calibrations in measuring laboratory
  • Guarantee suitable work conditions and encourage employee growth within PLUM
  • Monitor significant aspects of the environment, as well as professional risks and legal demands related to business practices
  • Effective planning and organizing of company resources
  • Monitoring, measuring and evaluating system compatibility

PLUM Policy

The main document of the Integrated Management System at Plum Company is Environment, Quality and Work Safety Policy. It states the main principles of our company’s function. It reflects the Integrated Management System policy, names priorities, draws new lines of actions and defines directions of further improvement. It contains the management’s promise to comply with its standards.

The policy is our pride and we are proud of all its premisses.
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At Plum, all processes are managed in a complex, effective manner, 100 % monitored. This allows for error identification and for the perfection of devices at the design stage. The company is prepared for the realization of current tasks, but also to challenge ourselves on the national market, just as the international market. The realization of goals within the scope of quality is supported by the Integrated Management System. Recognized certificates at Plum related to the Integrated Management System:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007
Moreover, quality production of anti-explosive devices at PLUM are monitored by a notification unit – "Physical-Technical Testing Institute Ostrava-Radvanice". Tests are carried out of devices in areas of a high risk for explosions, and are guaranteed by the ATEX certification - numbers 04 ATEX Q 009.

Certified devices

Plum guarantees that all products are manufactured under specific regulations, in accordance with Polish and European standards. One of the biggest features that characterize product quality at Plum is safety, for many electronic devices manufactured at Plum work in potentially explosive atmospheres, realizing strategic measurements in industry and energy. To guarantee the required standards, devices manufactured at Plum are marked with a CE, which guarantee the following features:

  • Metrological laws
  • Testing against explosions
  • Testing for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Testing for safety service (LVD)

Highest level of technology

Complete automation of the production process ensures the highest level of technology. With this goal in mind, the company has become included in, and currently functions under, the Integrated Management System of quality work safety and protection of environment (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:1999), certified through the British Standard Institute. Specific departments at Plum are organized in consideration of the highest organizational standards.